Tony Moroney

Managing Partner – Beta Digital | Lecturer IMI & MTU | Advisor – Strategy & Digital Transformation | Co-Founder – The Digital Transformation Lab

Tony is the Founder and Managing Partner of Beta Digital, a specialist strategy and digital transformation advisory firm. He is also the Programme Director for Digital Leadership at the Irish Management Institute.

In addition, Tony is a Co-Founder of The Digital Transformation Lab, Cork University Business School, a Think-Tank comprising of experts from industry, academia, and consulting. He is a regular commentator and presenter on digital disruption.

My Sessions

Sustainability – A Digitalised Autonomic Economy

From a sustainable environment to a sustainable economy! This session will extend the conversation on the broader definition of sustainability by teasing out the role of digital transformation in steering the broader sustainable economy agenda. The panel will review this from the perspective of the end-to-end supply chain and how the digital agenda is driving […]