Shane Hassett

CEO Wazp

Shane is the CEO and Co-founder of Wazp, a 3D printing supply chain platform which specialises in delivering high volume 3D printed parts to global markets. The company was founded in January 2015 and to date has developed a customer base that includes IKEA, Next, Wacom and Logitech to name a few.

As CEO, and in tandem with co-founder and COO Mariana Kobal, Shane focuses on strategic markets, customers and products – including initiatives to enable customers to take advantage of 3D printings value propositions through data enabled design and production. In his talk Shane will address the possibilities and potential of using data to inform product design and development.

My Sessions

Data At The Cutting Edge – Where To Next?

1.45 PM – 2.15 PM          DATA AT THE CUTTING EDGE – WHERE TO NEXT? 1.45 PM – 2.00 PM          Data Visualisation: Social influencers and community analysis of Brexit communities on Twitter.   Linda O Loughlin, Lecturer, IT Tralee 2.00 PM – 2.15PM           Data: Informing the Future of Product Design and Development Shane Hassett, CEO, WAZP