Martin Baxter

Founder & CEO, Electoral Calculus

Martin Baxter is the founder and CEO of Electoral Calculus, a quantitative political consultancy which specialises in applying advanced mathematical and computational techniques to polling and market research. The company’s website is well-known in UK political and media circles as a source of unbiased expert information on UK elections. Previously he ran the Quantitative Research group at Nomura, a Japanese investment bank, and before that was an assistant university lecturer in the Statistical Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. He has a PhD in Probability Theory, and has authored various technical publications.”

My Sessions

Data – Never Sleeps

2.15PM – 3.45 PM          Data – Never Sleeps Every interaction generates data.  Data generation informs decisions.  Decision making can be time sensitive and needs the raw data 24/7 globally to make predictions that will have local, regional, national and global economic and social impact.  This session will look at how data from a number of perspectives […]