Dr Henning Stein

Global Head of Thought Leadership and Market Strategy at Invesco


Dr Henning Stein is the Global Head of Thought Leadership and Market Strategy at Invesco. He oversees a team of investment strategists and researchers who deliver valuable insights and perspectives to the institutional investor and financial advisor communities worldwide. He also serves as a Senior Investment Advisor, playing a key part in the development of innovative products and

services. His work is widely recognized for its role in helping clients address financial requirements beyond their immediate manager-selection activities.

Henning has a quarter-century of experience across asset management, pension funds, platforms, insurance and academia. Often working with boards and CEOs, he has held a number of senior executive, business development and consulting positions. He has built an extensive network of practitioner, private market and academic contacts throughout his career and is also a frequent contributor to a variety of leading industry expert groups, including the European Risk Council and the Observatory on Corporate Governance.

Henning earned a PhD in business and strategy from the University of Cambridge, where he is now a Finance Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School. He is also an Executive Board member at Sentience, a member of the Board of Advisors at ESI ThoughtLab and a member of the Policy Working Group at FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return). A holder of the ESG Competent Boards Certificate and Global Competent Boards Designation (GCB.D), he is a regular media contributor on topics including the transition to net zero, the disruption of the global food system, sustainability, investment strategy, capital markets and the philosophy of long-term investing

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