Dennis David

CEO, MyCrypt


Dennis David is a seasoned IT security and infrastructure professional, a US native who has moved his technology companies to Ireland to expand his services across Europe. In 2005 he started R&D for a premier authentication and encryption solution. After a long trial period, the technology was ready for the world and was released in 2014. That same year, Dennis made Ireland the world headquarters and IP holder of the technology, calling the new company MyCrypt, LTD.

Before launching MyCrypt, Dennis started NetDefender in 1992 and began to provide technical support services to both public and private organizations. At NetDefender, he developed and deployed Linux-based security appliances and became a key security consultant to AOL, the US Department of the Treasury, the US Department of Defense and USAID. Prior to NetDefender, Dennis worked at CACI and developed their early cybersecurity market approach.

Dennis has served in both the US Marine Corps and the US Army. In the Marine Corps, among other duties, he was a Squadron ADP Security Officer, responsible for all network, computer and telecomm equipment. He also assisted with the creation of the MTF (Message Transfer Format System) used by Marine Communications Centers where previously they had to be handled with a special printer and hardcopy. In the Army, he was in the Signal Corps as an Information Technology Specialist, Systems Support Specialist and Lead Systems Administrator with the 3rd US Infantry Regiment (commonly known as the “Old Guard”) and was one of the five members of the Systems Admin team for the Military District of Washington.

Dennis’ computer industry certifications include CISSP, MCES, CCIE, CLP, and CBE.

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