Sustainability – Transformed Environments on the Horizon

Moderator: Jonathan McCrea – Award-winning TV & radio broadcaster and founder of Whipsmart Media.

This session will discuss what is happening in the research landscape and how it is transforming the key drivers of sustainability in the environment. The panel will review and provide evidence of where and how this is happening in the wider circular economy, agriculture and green sectors. In doing do, we will learn how data analysis is at its core and how AI is leading a sustainable transformation in the wider environment. The panel will debate the narrower definition of sustainability and explore the breadth of opportunities available on the horizon!

  • Opening Session Key Note: Declan McKibben – Executive Director ADAPT Centre
  • Dr Helena McMahon – Head of Department International Medical and Pharmacy Commencement at MTU
  • Dr Haitem Afli – Lecturer and Leader of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group SIGMA at MTU
  • Dr Julia Adriana Calderon Diaz – Data Analyst Specialist, Pig Improvement Company