Sustainability – Equity Enabled Resilience

Moderator: Quinton O’Reilly – Freelance Technology Journalist

From a sustainable economy to sustainable equity! This session will examine the role of resilience in creating a smarter future powered by the resilience required in securing and scaling from equity-based investment. The panel will discuss how investors are increasingly deliberating on their investments informed by the non-financial ESG factors – Environment, Social and Governance. We will learn about the trends in a diversified investment portfolio, along with what it takes to secure investment. The panel will discuss the fundraising journey from a start-up to a scaling SME and the role of resilience for both the investee and the investor in creating new opportunities through attractive, successful and sustainable returns on investment for all parties!

  • Opening Session Key Note: Graeme McKinstry – Senior Investment Manager, Foresight Group
  • Ciarán Redmond – Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors
  • Liam Cronin – Chief Executive Officer, RDI Hub
  • Tom Early – Head of Funding and Scaling Solutions, Enterprise Ireland