Data – Securing Smart Spaces!

Brought to you by PFH Technology Group 

This session will bring together data, technologies, and people to develop innovative IoT solutions across multiple industries.  It will look at the opportunities of using the ‘Internet-of-Things’ by leveraging data to inform and influence our experience and interactions with pretty much anyone and anything! It will discuss the possibilities of using data in an end-to-end supply chain, in designing and learning from smarter spaces, of enhancing our use of energy.  The panel will consider the risks and security threats surrounding the misuse of data and how these are being addressed by innovative solutions.


Keynote: Mike Fitzgerald – CEO Netfeasa

Panel Discussion: Securing The Edge Through Intelligent Use of Data!

  • Mike Fitzgerald – CEO NetFeasa
  • Maire Sogabe – Chief of Staff to Chief Security Officer/Principal Risk Advisor – Pacific Gas and Electric Company USA
  • Dr. Donna O’Shea – Cork Institute of Technology
  • Stephen O’Herlihy – PFH Technology Group
  • Daragh O’Brien – Castlebridge and Law Society